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This is the web-based version of Cajun Bytes Cookbook "A Collection of Family Recipes" by Rick and Melinda LeBlanc.

Ricky and Melinda LeBlanc are 6th generation native-born Louisiana "Cajuns". In South Louisiana "Cajun" is a way of life not found anywhere else in the world. The "Cajuns" are descendents of the French that settled in Acadie (Nova Scotia) in 1650 and that were exiled in 1755 when English rule took possession of the colonies there. A large number of the Acadians or "Cajuns", as it was shortened to, came to South Louisiana and settled on the numerous bayous found throughout "Acadiana" after the expulsion or "grand derangement". The Cajuns have developed a world-renowned cuisine that is a blend of French, Indian, Spanish, African, and German influences. We are pleased to present this sampling of our favorite family recipes handed down through the generations and also some recent additions of our own for your eating enjoyment. A number of recipes found in this book is the simple home-cooking of Cajun families of the South Louisiana bayou-country and usually is not found on restaurant menus, it is just everyday good, hearty food enjoyed with family and guests alike. Enter into our home and be our guest! Bon Appetit!

A big thanks needs to be given to Robert-Lee and Melanie LeBlanc who published the recipes into a first-class spiral bound cookbook as a gift to their parents Ricky and Melinda. Thank you also to Melanie's friend who did the beautiful rendering of the alligator for the cover. And a very special thanks to Lloyd Brown, Robert LeBlanc, and Stephen Sagers for doing a web-based version of the cookbook to share with the world!!
Copyright 2004 - IT 350 project by Lloyd Brown, Robert LeBlanc and Stephen Sagers